Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Holy goodness!  We received TWO more big boxes today!

One box was from my brother, Ryan, and his girlfriend, Kaylon.  They sent a box FULL of goodies for Connar's birthday, some Halloween fun stuff, as well as some extra goodies for Parker, Talton, and me too!  How thoughtful!  She sent Talton four Houston Texans plastic cups to help him cheer on his hometown football team, and she may or may not have sent me a few packages of Reese's.  :)

cool Halloween cups -- a skull and a pumpkin

He had stickers everywhere!  First they were on his shirt, and then he transferred them to the table.  I had to literally peel the sticker book from his fingers to make him stop taking stickers out.  We moved these cool dinosaur stickers to a piece of colored paper and hung it on the wall so he can continue to look at them.

Kaylon even made Connar's birthday card by hand!  I was so touched that she took the time to buy, gather, package, and mail all of the goodies and then make him a birthday card on top of it all that I cried.  To have someone shower my baby/babies/family with love and pure kindness makes my heart very happy.  (I'll save the pictures of her adorable card for Connar's birthday post later in the week.  :)  )

The other box was from my wonderful mom.  She sent some food staples, pictures for the boys of fun things they could reminisce about, American deodorant and toothpaste (I've found Korean deodorant and toothpaste that have been working fine, but it's super nice and thoughtful of my mom to send me some American toiletries).

Oh, there's one more thing she sent... My 1st Christmas card of the year!  Yes, I know it's early (Ha!  Who am I kidding!  If I had a picture for my card right now, I'd be preparing mine as well.), but she has to get the ball rolling on that early with her coming to Korea in a few weeks.  Everyone else won't be receiving theirs for a few more weeks, but I asked her to send it to me now so I could enjoy a Christmas card before heading back to the U.S..  (side note: I can't wait to receive everyone else's!  I'm hoping to come back to Korea with tons of Christmas cards in my mailbox to greet me.  hint hint!)

Because I received my first Christmas card and needed a special place for it AND ALL THE OTHERS we'll receive ;) , I went ahead and set up a place on the wall for them.  It looks pretty bare right now with only the one card, so I can't wait to fill it up!
I don't want to ruin my mom's Christmas card for everyone else that will receive it, so I'll keep them waiting on pins and needles to see the cute faces on it by just posting this far away shot.  :)

THANK YOU Kaylon, Ryan, and Mom for making our day special.  We love you to the moon and back!

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