Sunday, July 29, 2012

Haeundae Beach

This is the beach we live on.  Haeundae Beach - the most popular beach in South Korea during the summer.  Having lived here since the beginning of June, I've been waiting on the crowds to roll in so I can see just how busy they mean by "most popular".  June and half of July weren't too busy at all, but the past few weeks have gotten increasingly busier by the day (even weekdays).  I'm told that August will be even busier than this.  Go ahead and put your hand under your chin to catch it as it drops when you look at these pictures I took yesterday (Saturday around 3:30 pm) from the top floor of our building, the Pale De Cz.  You'll be hard pressed to find an umbrella not occupied.

Remember how I told you before there's not much parking in this city?  Well check out as those cars on the right.  The ones coming toward you are headed for the beach.  We finally saw a handful of tow trucks out that afternoon towing cars that were parked in the middle of streets or on sidewalks.  It was a really awesome feeling knowing that we had a parking spot in our parking garage waiting for us later when we pulled out in this mess to go to the grocery store.
Those are rocks, not seaweed.  Clean water!
This is a normal day out here lately with a blimp in the air and sailboats, ferries, fishing boats, and jet skis in the water.  Every now and then you'll see a helicopter come cruising through, which absolutely makes Connar's day!

The Busan Toy Museum

With all the research I've been doing to find new places to explore in Busan, I came across someone's blog who visited the Toy Museum.  This was totally by chance that I found this, because I haven't found this museum listed anywhere else - not in any of my 3 travel/South Korea books, not on a South Korea or Busan list of places to visit... nowhere!  I don't even remember what website I found it on, but I sure am glad I did.  The Toy Museum ended up being within a short driving distance of our condo, and with us going right when they opened in the morning, we ended up being one of only a couple families there.  The place is several stories high, each with different toys, replicas, play areas for kids to be kids, a gift shop, and a roof top with picnic tables overlooking the Songjeong Beach.  They even had restrooms on each floor!

The first floor we explored was "Movie World".
Talton was like a kid in a candy store.  As soon as we stepped foot on this floor, he darted for the race track and picked up the remote control.
Talton's dream car: Porsche 911 Turbo
Then Talton showed Connar how to do the remote control.  It was on at that point!
This is for my mom.  Although, I'm pretty sure she'd like a Corvette and not a "Carvette".  :)
We were trying to leave, but Connar was not giving up the remote.  Ha
This deck was on the very top of the Toy Museum.  Great view!
You can see Songjeong Beach to the right.  This is just around Dalmaji Hill which is next to Hauendae Beach, where we live.
They may have their umbrellas out (most of them are not occupied), but this beach doesn't even begin to compare to how busy Haeundae Beach is.