Monday, July 23, 2012

An afternoon at the playgrounds

We spent one afternoon this weekend going to a couple playgrounds.  We have not come across any playgrounds around where we live, but we knew there were a couple within a short driving distance.  Considering there is very little, if any, public parking in this city, we parked in a grocery store parking garage nearby the playground and walked over from there.  The boys were psyched about getting to play on toys at the playground and couldn't hop out of the stroller fast enough as we pulled up to the first one.  After playing at one for a bit, we decided to walk to another down the street.  The boys had a ball playing!

The playgrounds are near another area Talton was offered as a place for us to live here in Busan called I-Park.  This is the building that they showed him a condo in that overlooks the bay.  It's a very nice area, but we ultimately chose our beach location because it works out better for us right now.
Later on, Connar asked me to help him go up this side of the structure.  I told him he was too little to do it and couldn't do this one, because the bars to grab on to were spaced pretty far apart.  His response to me was, "I can do it Mommy."  And he did.  I didn't realize until looking through these pictures at home that Talton had already shown him how to do it.  He's getting so big!
My boys love to go UP the slide instead of up the stairs.
This park had a few activities for adults to exercise on while the kids played.  Great idea!
Parker took off from me towards this grass.  As I watched him run around, I realized this was the first time he's seen and walked on grass in a month and a half.  There's not much grass around where we live.  It's either concrete, rocks, or sand.
Connar tackled this rope ladder with such ease.  He's such a big boy, I'm telling ya.
While riding this dinosaur, C yelled out, "Yee haw! I am cowboy!"  :)
Talton keeping up with and playing with Parker while I played with Connar.
This makes me smile every time I see it.
I got a hot chocolate (no whip cream!) from Starbucks.  Yes, it was warm outside but I needed a good chocolate fix.  It totally hit the spot!

Side note: I didn't give the Connar a sip of my HOT chocolate until it was completely cooled off.  He said, "Mmmmm Mommy.  Chocolate.  That's yummy."  :)
This is the second park we went to.  Small but they had a really awesome club house!
Connar promptly climbed up to the top....
...and smiled out the window for me.  :)
T had to go in and help C get down the big ladder.  And while he did...
...P took advantage of the bottom ladder being open and available for him to climb up.  :)
This is P throwing a royal fit.  Too bad you can't see the red splotches on his face that prove it.  He was so upset that we wouldn't let him go on this last section of the clubhouse where you have to walk across moving boards.  I had to hold on to Connar while he slowly maneuvered his way through it, so there was no way Parker could've done this.
Talton was trying to calm Parker down by distracting him with another activity.  He's such a good daddy.
Here's another shot of T being a great daddy.  :)  He's the macaroni to my cheese, the flip to my flop, the sweet in my dreams, the gravy to my mashed potatoes, the honey on my sopapilla.... you get the idea.  :)  I love him.
These last three pictures make me smile.  P was trying to put the straw from T's Starbucks drink in C's mouth, even after he turned his head away.

Siblings...gotta love 'em.  :)  Speaking of siblings, mine rock!  I hope they read today's post and get these hugs and kisses I'm sending to them: xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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