Sunday, July 8, 2012

Keeping busy....

We spent the majority of this week keeping ourselves busy indoors due to potty training Connar, but we did venture out for a short time at the end of the week.  Here are the highlights of our week:

We were able to watch the surfing competition that took place right outside our living room windows.

I let Connar pick my toenail polish color.  He chose orange.  :)

We made toilet paper roll crafts!

Finished product: a T-Rex Dinosaur !

Parker was putting on his octopus' suction circles.  Then he tore them off and had fun hiding them in the middle of the toilet paper roll...

Adorable!  The boys had fun and it satisfied my craft craving for the day.  :)

I took an empty butter container, slit the top, grabbed some pom poms from my craft drawer, and wah la.... a new toy!  They spent a while playing with this and then I even had to hide it because they kept stealing it out of my craft box and arguing over it.

The boys and I decided to walk to the market to pick up some oranges.  We passed this man along the way who was excited to pull a crab from his tank to show the boys.  Parker was VERY interested in it; Connar, not so much.

We got rained on as we left the market.  In an effort to keep the boys dry, I laid the back seat of the stroller all the way down, moved Parker back there, and had Connar hold the umbrella.  I got drenched, but it was okay because they were dry and safe.

When we got back to our condo, I let the boys get out to play in the rain for a couple minutes.  They thought it was the coolest thing ever!

After I took this picture, I told the boys to come back to me so we could go inside.  Connar came straight to me and climbed in the stroller.  Parker hightailed it in the opposite direction.  Love when that happens... :)
Oh, one more thing I want to share.  I'm a legal alien!  That's right, folks.  Check out my Alien Registration Card:

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