Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just me and my boys

Being able to stay home with my babies is an absolute blessing.  I love being present for every "new" thing, and you know there's something new every single day.  Being a stay at home mom in a new country is a whole different ball game than being a stay at home mom down the street from Target, Hobby Lobby, my local grocery store where I know where every single thing is, the delicious snow cone place, where we have our own personal play ground set up in our backyard, and where we can order McDonald's through a drive thru window instead of having to go inside to point to pictures on a menu because I don't speak their language.  Well I decided to take on this challenge.  Yes, there are many days when the boys and I will stay home all day and do crafts, watch movies, and read and not have to consider how we'll get on the correct subway or subject the boys to people fawning over them, but there will also be days when we will get out and explore what our current home city has to offer a mommy and two little boys.  With that said, Connar, Parker, and I spent a couple days this week having some fun in the sun together.  One morning we went exploring, not knowing where we would end up.  We found a park within walking distance of our condo!  Another afternoon, we walked to the secluded end of the beach (because it was the middle of the week at like 4:00, there was nobody there even though this is the busiest beach time of the year) and played in the water.  Enjoy some shots from this week (in & out of the house)...

These are rocks covered in algae, not seaweed gathered on the beach.  :)
I let him down from the dinner table, and he took off dancing.  :)
He wiggled out of my arms, ran over to the couch, and started reading.  I love when he brings a book over to me and simply demands, "Book", because he wants to be read to.
I've been trying to teach Connar how to use stencils, because he thinks they're so cool.  :)
The art mosaic was beautiful!
Cream cheese anyone???
I love being their mommy.  :)

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