Friday, July 27, 2012

Splish Splash!

I packed the boys up in the stroller and decided to brave the Busan Subway by myself for the first time today.  I got us where we needed to go with no problems, but hopefully it'll go a little faster next time since I'll be more confident and familiar with it.  With the sun shining, the beach booming with people, and us needing a change of scenery, we headed to the splash fountain at Shinsegae, the department store.  It's actually a few blocks away from Talton's work as well, so he met us there.  The boys had a blast!

Parker took off straight into the middle of all the water.  Brave or naive?  Both actually...

He came out with this look of, "What in the world just happened to me?!" and then it turned to this...
"That wasn't so bad."  And to show you so....

... he went right back in.  :)
Monkey see, monkey do.... I'm thinking we might see this move again later at some point by one of the Endres boys.
This was at the beginning of our visit at the fountain, but Parker still hadn't put two and two together by the time we left later that the water shoots out of these holes in the ground.  If he had, he wouldn't have continued to stand over them like this.
This kind of activity requires Talton and I to both be present.  This isn't something I can do by myself, because the boys aren't big enough to just run around by themselves yet, and of course they want to run in opposite directions from each other.
Cautious Connar still hadn't touched the water.  He was watching from the outside getting a feel for how this crazy fountain worked and what he could expect.  OR maybe he was people watching....that would definitely come from me. :)

Okay, just one hand.
Now let's try the other hand.  Not too bad.  Actually kind of fun!
And then a kick was thrown.  The water never had a chance.  :)
So Connar stayed outside the fountain for the majority of the time, and Parker couldn't help himself but to stay on the inside of the fountain.

Ha!  It wasn't too long after this picture that a shooting spray knocked his glasses right off his face.  And guess what.... He went straight back in the water after Talton took his glasses.  :)
He walked right on over and started a conversation.  :)
How'd you get so wet????
I say always look for the positive side of things...  One awesome thing about being the minority here is that it's fairly easy for us to locate our white skinned, light haired kids in a crowd of other kids. 

I spy a Parker Bug!  Do you spy him too?

Now that's a serious water gun.  I need one of those.

The water was spraying to music playing, and Connar just began dancing out of nowhere along to the music.  Shake that tail feather, boy!
I knew I'd see that move again from earlier!  This is Connar hogging one of the spray nozzles on the ground.

What?!  Where did the water go?
Look at that cute bikini!

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