Saturday, July 28, 2012


This post will be short and sweet--I just want to share some FANTASTIC news!  Get ready for it...... I FINALLY got some ice cold sweet tea and some delicious pizza!

For the first month or so we were here, all the tea boxes I saw at the grocery store were peach tea or apple tea, and I longed for good old regular tea, just like I drink at home.  I found a box last week that I decided to try out, but I didn't realize I didn't have a pitcher until I got home.  :(  I waited a whole week until we went to the grocery store again today to buy a pitcher, and I made some tea just as soon as we got back home.  Connar and Parker saw me adding sugar to the pitcher in the kitchen and were almost as excited about the sweet tea as I was.  I might be changing some wet bed sheets in C's room in the middle of the night tonight because of it, but I just couldn't deny my sweet southern boy some iced sweet tea in his sippy cup.  :)
Talton found out that he could order Domino's Pizza online IN ENGLISH!  They use these cute red ribbons to tie up the pizza boxes to make it easier to carry them out.
It was delicious!  Finally.... some good pizza!!!!!!!

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