Thursday, July 19, 2012

Painting... with a twist!

I wanted to do a new activity with the boys, so I thought what better place to reference than Pinterest.  I love that website!  When I told Connar we were going to paint, he came running to my craft drawers waiting on me to pull out paint.  As I put the paint in the baggies, he was looking at me kind of funny like this wasn't what he had in mind for painting, but as soon as he pulled his stool up to the counter and could see the paint up close, he was in for whatever I had planned.

I used finger paints in sandwich size baggies.
I taped the baggies to the windows, showed the boys how to "paint" by making lines, shapes, and letters, and then let them have at it.
When I first taped the baggies on the windows, I put a long piece of tape across the top of the baggie.  I soon realized, when Parker discovered he could squeeze the entire bag in his hand to mix the paint, that I needed to quickly tape down the bottom corners as well.

Three awesome things about this activity:
(1) There is no clean up with messy paint!  You simply pull the baggie and tape off the window and trash them.
(2) You can leave the bags hanging for a while so the kids can reuse them over and over again.  We've had ours up for three days now, and the paint is still squishy.
(3) You can use two different colors of paint to teach how to make a third color by mixing the two in the middle of the bag.  If you look at the picture of Connar painting on the blue and yellow bag, you can see that he started mixing them and had already discovered a new color - green!

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