Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ho, ho, ho, it's magic!

The boys and I have been playing with Model Magic this week.  I love that stuff so much more than Play-Doh, because it doesn't stink or stick to your hands.  Plus, if you want to leave your creation out to dry, it hardens and you can keep it forever (I actually made Talton a Christmas ornament out of this stuff years and years ago and it has held up very nicely).  We do have more colors than blue, but that seems to be the only color the boys pulled out on the days we created these masterpieces...

Connar requested a turtle.

Connar wanted to make an alligator, so I started it for him and showed him how to make little teeth.  He said, "COOL!" when it was finished.

How cute are these glasses?!

Parker wanted me to make balls so he could put them back in the bucket one by one.

Connar also requested an elephant.

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