Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Now that's a nifty idea...

The Koreans post their phone numbers in the corner of their car windshield.
"Why?" you might be thinking.
Well when there isn't much space to park, people often block other people in.  Then, when the blocked in person needs to leave, all they have to do is simply call the phone number posted on the car and that person comes to move their car.

How bout them apples?!?!

Some are professionally printed on metal plates...
 Some are handwritten on various shapes.

And some people even have two.  How thoughtful of them to offer an alternative phone number!  :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a kiddy pool!

I recently heard about a kiddy pool located near the parks where we take the boys.  It's a 30 minute walk from where we live on Haeundae Beach.  This is the only kiddy pool that I've heard about, and knowing that I didn't want to deal with the sand, I decided that we'd check it out one morning.

When I told the boys we were going to play outside, they were happy.  But when I pulled out their bathing suits and Parker's swim diaper, they just about lost it from excitement.  "We going swimming, Mommy?" Connar asked in his sweet 3 year old little boy voice.  "Yes we are, but not at the beach....somewhere new!"  :)

Once we made the walk over there, I saw that the kiddy pool didn't open for another 20 minutes.  I took the boys to a small play area around the corner to pass the time.

The first time he went to climb these ropes, I ran over to stand behind him and told him, "Don't do this without Mommy."  Next thing I know, he's climbing it like a monkey...and I'm not anywhere near him!  I could see that he seemed to have it under control and he was confident, so I planted my feet where I was and let him be to give him a chance to do it.  And he did!  When did he get so big??

They're little monkeys!  If it can be climbed, it's on.

It was time for the kiddy pool to open, so we headed that way.  Yay!  We were the only ones there for most of the time, and they had an absolute ball in that water!


 P liked backing up into the water pouring out of the wall.

 Built in best friends are awesome!  :)

 They both wanted to sit down in the water so it would hit them right on the face, and even in the mouth, in Parker's case.  It made me nervous, so I stood close by, but they just didn't want to play any other way.

 Connar also loved running over to the little play area next to it...

I'm sooo glad that I heard about this place.  We'll definitely be hitting it up again.  :)


On the 9th floor of Shinsegae here in Busan is a big, open area that use to simply be an outdoor place you could go to sit and get some fresh air.  The space was recently converted into a play area called Zooraji that we would soon find out was a quirky mixture of dinosaur/pirate/zoo atmosphere.  I took the boys to play one morning, not exactly sure what to expect but hoping they'd enjoy themselves.
Boy did they ever!

 We were pleasantly surprised to find these gigantic dinosaurs!

 Connar insisted on finding T-Rex before we went any further...
 The dinosaurs looked kind of real....I can't help but think that triceratops is actually staring at Parker when I look at this picture.


 MoRe TReaSuRE!

 To ride the carousel, you had to show a receipt from anything bought at Shinsegae that day.  Surprisingly, neither boy was interested in riding the carousel....
 ...and I soon realized why.  They spotted this splash pad.  Not knowing I might need their bathing suits here, I made sure I had their extra clothes in the backpack before letting them run into the water.  Once I gave the go ahead and stripped their shoes off, they couldn't get in fast enough!

 I took this picture of Connar standing on the hippopotamus but didn't realize until I got home and was looking through my pictures that I also caught the little boy in the front posing for his mom.....haaa!
 I can't even tell you how much fun Parker was having in the water.  He would stick his face directly above the spouts without worry that it might spray him, and when it did...MANY TIMES...he simply wiped his sweet little face off and went for it again.  :)
 He's screaming from excitement!


 And let me tell you about P's booty boo-tay.  That diaper was so full of water it looked like it might bust open at any minute!  Not only will we bring swim suits here again...we'll also bring a swim diaper for P.


This is a climb up the tail and slide down the neck...but it was closed.  :(

This map was all in Korean, but Connar said, "Mommy, wet me tell you what dis map says.  It says the pirate ship is here and T-Rex is here and water is here and the carousel is here.  Dats what it says Mommy."  :)

I think we may hit Zooraji up again for the splash pad fun some time next week.  I don't think it'll take much convincing to get the boys to tag along.  :)