Tuesday, July 30, 2013

finger painting at its finest

I'm a little hesitant to title this post finger painting, because it may have started with one finger....but it definitely didn't end that way.  Keep reading to see what I mean...

Parker was getting a little antsy, so I rummaged through my craft drawers and found some finger paint.  I threw his little apron on him and got all set up at the table.  He looked at me a little funny when I stuck his finger in the paint and put it on the paper.  He was definitely thinking, "Where's the paintbrush?"  With this being his first time finger painting, I had to teach him that it was okay to touch the paint.

He started off doing great with only finger.

And then he got a little braver, and one finger turned into three fingers.

And then he got a little paint on the table by accident.

And then he figured it was already on the table so why not go for it.
 ...and a little up here....

At that point it would be a lie to call it finger painting.  Hand painting would be more like it.

Whatever.  He had fun making a mess, and that made me happy
His first finger/hand painting masterpiece is now hanging in our hall.  :)

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