Tuesday, July 30, 2013

days 5-7 with my dad & Esther

Before these days, we had really been going, going, going, so it was nice to slow down a bit and not try to cram a lot into every day.

We took my dad and Esther to one of the boys' favorite play areas, Hello Kitty.  It was fun for them to see the boys run around and get some of their boy energy out.  :)
 The lady was telling the boys, "One more time," as if there was a line of kids waiting to ride after them (we were the only people in the place).  Why they insist on allowing the kids to cruise around on the boats for only a few rounds is beyond me.  It's not like they take any electricity.  If they'd allow it, C & P would captain these boats for most of our time at the cafe, I'm sure.
 Can you see their little heads in the top of the robot?
 Driving Miss Daisy Mr. Parker...


We also took them on their first subway ride in Korea.  My dad had ridden a subway before, but this was Esther's first time, so that was cool to be able to give that experience to her.

One night when we played out in the front of our building, Esther showed Connar where a whole colony of doodle bugs (or roly polies...whatever you happen to call them) were hanging out.  Every time after that he recruited us to find them.  He was amazed by those little bugs.  :)

And this little guy went on his own hunt for rocks.  :)
 He even held on tight to it as he laid himself down and threw a little fit.
 Then he got over the fit and went on another hunt for more rocks.  :)

And this is how they made "music".  They banged rocks up against the metal poles... yes, a little loud but it kept them happy and entertained.  :)

So I went to take a picture with Parker, but he wouldn't smile.  So I started doing silly things to him, and he smiled....but I wasn't.  So I tried again...
 ...but then he wasn't.  Whatever.  It's a good thing he's a cutie with or without a smile.  :)

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