Tuesday, July 30, 2013

day 4 with my dad & Esther

Day 4 started out with some bike riding practice in our underwear.  :)
Notice that the curtains aren't even open yet and my dad and Esther are still asleep on the air mattress??  ha!

Once we got them up and dressed, we headed out to the Busan Aquarium.
 Parker dove right in (not literally, although he'd love to if allowed) and showed Esther & PawPaw how to touch the sea life in the rock pool.  :)
Okay y'all....I'm thinking he has seen this pose so much it's becoming second nature to him.  It cracks me up (1) because he insists on doing it in this exact spot at the aquarium every time we go but (2) also because he holds up two fingers on one hand and three on the other.  haaaaaaa!  Nope, I'm not correcting him.  I think it's adorable.  :)

We hit up Burger King for lunch...

...and played outside on the beach for a bit in the afternoon.

Dinner was Korean BBQ....mmmm mmmm good!
Well we had Korean BBQ.  The boys had their own dinners from home.  Connar will eat some of the meat from the restaurant but not enough to make a meal for him.

Before bath time, PawPaw got them good and riled up with a round of baseball...using a flip flop as a bat!  That would explain why he and Esther showed up with a toy bat and ball a few days later from a nearby department store.  :)

It was full, fun day.  :)

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