Thursday, July 25, 2013

I did it!

I put my big girl panties on and got LASIK!

I went in for a consultation at 5:30, they told me I was a candidate, I talked to the doctor about the procedure, and I was in these scrubs waiting to be walked to the operating room at 6 pm.  No lie.

Parker did not like seeing me in this get-up whatsoever, and I could hear him screaming in this room when I had to leave them to go have the procedure done.  :(

Before walking in to the operating room, they have you take your slippers off outside this room where air blows all over you.  Then, you step out of there into a new pair of slippers where a nice Korean nurse preps you for the doctor, who stays so busy seeing patients throughout the day that I could hear him running in to do my surgery and then running back out once it was over.  
I was so nervous about feeling the clamps they use to keep your eyes open, but I didn't feel a thing.  Thank goodness!  It was so easy and so unbelievably fast.  I think the laser took like 11 seconds on one eye and 15 seconds on the other.

Then it was back into the air room before being greeted by two nurses on the other side who stripped my scrubs off me while saying in the sweetest little voices, "Congratulations!" over and over.

I was led back to my room where my three guys were waiting.  While I closed my eyes, Talton fed me the sweet milk tea (He is in love with that by the much so he had a Korean coworker call the eye doctor pretending to be Talton, an American, to ask where he could get this tea.  That visualization makes me laugh every time!) and treat they serve to their patients after surgery while I closed my eyes to wait to be called back in to see the doctor for a quick check up.  Connar wanted to love on me on my lap and Parker had to touch my chair, his way of making sure I wouldn't get up again, I'm sure.  :)

After I saw the doctor, all was good, and I was sent home!  So less than two hours after my consultation, I was home with brand new eyes (well you get the idea ;)  )!  Awesome!

This was a great experience with the nicest of people.  :)  Korean customer service is amazing and will be one of the things we'll miss when we do move back to America.

My surgery, just as Talton's, was 1300 won.  We're talking less than $2600 for both of us to have LASIK.  Just think about it.... Let's say once we're back in the U.S. that we need to have another procedure done to fix our vision from this initial procedure.  It would cost less for us to buy a plane ticket back to Korea to have it done for free (since follow ups are included in the initial cost) than it would for us to pay a doctor in the U.S. to work on us.  Craziness.

Funny thing though.... I have no idea the name of the doctor that I gave permission to cut my eyes open.  And I'm okay with that.  Weird, I know, but we'll chalk it up to another Korean experience on this adventure.  :)

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  1. I am going to have this done when I come see you after the first of the year.