Tuesday, July 30, 2013

day 3 with my dad & Esther

On day 3 of my dad & Esther's visit to Busan, we took them on a hike up Dongbaek Island.

This was taken from the entrance of the hiking trail at Dongbaek looking back toward the opposite end of the beach, where we live.  Our building is the one nearly in the middle of the photo--you can see two blue buildings side by side.
 While Connar and PawPaw checked out the rocks and the water, Parker got a head start on the hike.  :)
 And he's off!
 With his hand on his hip, Connar showed his displeasure at the our suggestion that he wait to cross the bridge until we took a picture.  You can see Parker in the red shirt headed straight for the gap between them and the bridge.
 These two littles were more interested in running those stairs than sitting on them for another picture.
 I had to bribe Parker with M&Ms to even sit there for 45 seconds.  No lie.
 Once we got to the top, we toured the APEC House for a short time and then headed back down the other side of Dongbaek Island.

We took them to Blacksmith, our favorite Italian restaurant in Busan.  Yum!
The boys had their dinner set-up going as well....packed dinners from home (kids' meals here aren't always what you envision them to be when you order :)  ) and entertainment to keep them seated and busy to give us just enough time to eat.  :)  Good food and good kids...I call that a win win!
 It was all so good!
 Blacksmith makes the best pizza!
 And don't even get me started on the penne chorizo...spicy? yes.   delicious? absolutely!
 There might've been some silliness going on before we rounded them up to walk back home.  I love their smiles!

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