Tuesday, July 30, 2013

day 10 with my dad & Esther

My dad and Esther's last day in Busan just happened to be Father's Day as well.  So after we had our pancake breakfast and delivered cards and gifts, we set out for Ulsan Grand Park.  We had been here before, but there was still so much to explore that we had yet to see.

First C came down the slide and then...
...Paw Paw was next!  It took a little maneuvering but he made it.  :)

We ventured into the Butterfly Garden next.  This also happened to be the home for many creepy crawlies and reptiles.

I can't even....disgusting and scary.  These grasshoppers were humongous!

The next stop in Ulsan Grand Park was this combined area of a huge rose garden and a zoo....because those two go hand in hand, right?

Happy Father's Day, Dad!  So glad you could spend your 32nd Father's Day with us in Korea.  :)

These yellow roses reminded me of home...Texas.  :)

This monkey...
...made my little monkey get a case of the giggles.  :)

This was the first time all day that I realized I put them both in a shirt saying "MR.INDEPENDENT".  It's pretty fitting actually.
Picnic anyone?
Esther bought this out of the drink machine.  Not only was it grape and coconut flavored--it actually had chunks of grape and coconut in there to eat after you drank the liquid.  Not my idea of refreshing, but to each their own.  :)

a restaurant inside the park called "Big Hit Chicken....or BHC"

We wrapped up the fun at Ulsan Grand Park with a stop by the bouncy bubbles (I don't really know what they're called so we'll go with that).

I brought a few bottles of water as well as filled the boys' cups with water, but we had to literally buy like 5 or 6 more bottles of water from the vending machine on our way out of the park.  It was such a hot day.

After getting home, the boys moved on to playing baseball with the new set Dad and Esther bought them.

Needless to say, I had to go buy another ball set so the boys would stop fighting over it.
Hoarding the new toys...

And just like that their time in Busan was over.  They kissed the boys goodnight and goodbye since they'd be leaving our house before the boys woke up the next day and then repacked their suitcases to make the long journey home.

Dad & Esther,
Talton, Connar, Parker, and I were so happy to have you join us in Korea.  We know that it takes not only money but also time away from work, family, and other commitments to get away for such a lengthy period of time.  Thank you for coming here and making memories with us.  We loved showing you around our current home, and we hope you had as great of a time as we did having you here.  We love you.  :)


  1. One of your pictures of the bouncy ball area is just a white block (it's not opening up). You might want to check that out on this page and then delete this comment. :)

    1. If you're talking about the white bouncy bubbles, there is a video in there. Maybe that's what's not showing for you. ??