Saturday, December 29, 2012

reindeer food

In order to attract the reindeer to our house on Christmas Eve, we made reindeer food to sprinkle in the grass.  So much fun!  We went ahead and made some extras for other little believers we knew too.  :)

Step 1:
Set up glasses with plastic baggies inside and gather all of your ingredients (we used oats, red sugar, green sugar, and multicolored sprinkles).

Step 2:
Spoon and sprinkle the ingredients into the bags. 

 Step 3:
Seal and shake the bags to mix it all up.  And wa la!  Reindeer food!

Step 4:
You could skip this step if you're only making enough for yourself, but we attached a baggie of reindeer food to this little poem I found online and either left it on a doorstep of some little friends or hand delivered it to others. 

Step 5:
On Christmas Eve, sprinkle the reindeer food on your lawn!

After we sprinkled our reindeer food on the grass, these two played with the light saber....

 ...while this little guy headed inside to play.  :)

When Connar saw us going in, he followed his little brother, but then we ran into PaJ and Bella coming outside so we had to show them our reindeer food.  It's a good thing Connar had his light saber to lead the way.  :)

I'm sure our special reindeer food worked, because Santa was able to find his way to drop off some special gifts for some special boys that night.  Yay!

Dash (December 24)

On Christmas Eve morning, the boys woke up to a letter from Dash telling them what precious boys they were, how he was proud of them, how he was going to report back to Santa for the last time that night, and how this would be the last day they would see him until next Christmas.  Santa even made an exception to the "no touching the elf" rule by lifting the magic from Dash and allowing the boys to hug and kiss him goodbye until next year. :)


We will miss you, Dash.  Connar has been looking for you every morning when he wakes up.  I know he'll be thrilled to see you again next year, and I'm sure Parker will be giving you a run for your money next year too.  ;)

Oh, and P.S..... Tell Santa that he gave the boys exactly what they wanted for Christmas and they loved all of it!  I know they're anxious to see what Santa left for them in Korea too!

Dash (December 23)

When we went to visit my grandparents and my Dad for Christmas, Dash stayed behind, but he was still a busy little elf even though Connar and Parker weren't there to watch over.  He took it upon himself to explore the house....

Oh no he didn't get in Mommy's cookie dough!!!!!

Dash (December 22)

Dash was tooting his own horn via magnetic letters this morning.  We caught him in the middle of it with the letter "s" in his hand to finish his message...

We would have to agree with him though.  He is pretty cool!

Dash (December 21)

Dr. Dash is in the house!

Connar was so excited to see Dash using his doctor set that he used it all morning and carried it with him in the car when we left the house that day.  Love that boy of mine!

Dash (December 20)


Dash (December 19)

Apparently Dash likes playing with food...

Dash (December 18)

We caught Dash zip lining through the playroom with Monkey this morning.

 Look at their smiles!  I think they were having too much fun while we were sleeping, and Connar agreed because he wanted them down immediately so he could put them back in their proper places in the playroom.  :)

Dash (December 17)

Dash was enjoying a bubble bath with his friend, Ducky.

Monday, December 17, 2012

wish list ornaments

I originally printed off cute little Santa papers for the boys to "write" their Christmas wish lists on, but then I had a better idea.  I thought, if I write their wish list on an ornament with their name and the year, we can see their wish lists year after year hanging on the tree.  How fun will it be to see how their wish lists change year after year?!  Off to Hobby Lobby I went!  :)

It took a little time, some creativity, and these simple items... make these adorable wish list ornaments! I just love them!
Parker's is on the left and Connar's is on the right, so you can't see the back of P's (his wish list) or the front of C's.

Dash (December 16)

While the boys were playing last night before bath time, Dash snuck out of his usual lookout and set up a surprise for the boys to find on their way to the bath.

Look what the magic elf seeds turned into!  Connar couldn't wait to run and see what it was this morning when he woke up...