Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a day at the zoo

I really love taking my boys to the zoo, because they absolutely eat it up!  Connar has been asking to go to the zoo ever since we first moved to South Korea, but, unfortunately, there is not a zoo in the city where we live so I've been promising him over and over that I would take him to the zoo in Houston.  It was time to own up to my promise...and I was happy to do so.  :)  My dad went along for this first visit to the zoo since we've been back to Houston for the holidays.  I'm pretty sure he had just as much fun as they did.  These boys were pooped when it was all said and done.  Even though it was overcast all day, it was a great day for a trip to the zoo!

I just can't ever pass one of these little booths up without sticking someone in it for a picture!  :)

Shasta, the University of Houston's cougar mascot, lives at the zoo.  GO COOGS!
 We even fed the giraffes!

We rode the carousel...

The petting zoo is a must on a zoo trip!

no fear.... he wiggled his way right on in there.  I did move him back so he wouldn't bother them while they ate.  Nobody wants to be bothered while they eat....even goats.  :)

You can climb through a tunnel to be able to stand up in this bubble.  Today there was a porcupine walking around outside the bubble.  Connar didn't realize that until he had been in there a while...and then he was out!

So with Parker in tow, I managed to crawl in that little tunnel so he could see it up close too.  Why am I the only one who enjoyed seeing it so close???  :)

This turkey thought Parker was going to give him goldfish.  Every time he'd reach in the bag, the turkey would nearly bang its head on the glass to get closer.

A few things I learned from this turkey today...
(1) I never noticed how  its snood (the flap of skin that hangs over the turkey's beak) can grow long or retract.  And it can do it pretty quickly too.

(2) The skin under its beak is called a wattle and it can be long and retract too.  Not sure why, but I never gave much thought to the phrase "turkey neck" as it applies to humans until this day.

(3) Its ears....I never paid attention where a turkey's ears were before this day.

He loved letting the cold water splash his lips.  Sweet boy of mine.

See, I told you I can't pass one of these photo booths up without a picture.  :)

Parker was out like a light....with his zoo souvenir in hand...while Connar studied his ocean dive set for the bathtub.  :)  He couldn't wait to tear into that box!
We had to ride the train around the outer part of the zoo area/park before we left for the day.  Parker was still sleeping and slept through all the loud train whistles.  There was a really nice breeze as the train chugged along.

going through a tunnel that was decorated for Christmas inside...What a fun surprise!

I just love Fall leaves!  What a pretty area it is around the zoo!  :)

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