Saturday, December 29, 2012

reindeer food

In order to attract the reindeer to our house on Christmas Eve, we made reindeer food to sprinkle in the grass.  So much fun!  We went ahead and made some extras for other little believers we knew too.  :)

Step 1:
Set up glasses with plastic baggies inside and gather all of your ingredients (we used oats, red sugar, green sugar, and multicolored sprinkles).

Step 2:
Spoon and sprinkle the ingredients into the bags. 

 Step 3:
Seal and shake the bags to mix it all up.  And wa la!  Reindeer food!

Step 4:
You could skip this step if you're only making enough for yourself, but we attached a baggie of reindeer food to this little poem I found online and either left it on a doorstep of some little friends or hand delivered it to others. 

Step 5:
On Christmas Eve, sprinkle the reindeer food on your lawn!

After we sprinkled our reindeer food on the grass, these two played with the light saber....

 ...while this little guy headed inside to play.  :)

When Connar saw us going in, he followed his little brother, but then we ran into PaJ and Bella coming outside so we had to show them our reindeer food.  It's a good thing Connar had his light saber to lead the way.  :)

I'm sure our special reindeer food worked, because Santa was able to find his way to drop off some special gifts for some special boys that night.  Yay!

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