Thursday, December 6, 2012

official Santa picture 2012

As soon as we started strolling through the lanes to get to Santa (there was nobody else there which was great because the boys didn't have time to scream and run away from me), Connar's anxiety about him kicked in.  "Mommy... Mommyyyy..." 

I told the lady, "It's totally okay if they don't smile.  Just take their picture anyway before they run away.  I actually like those photos better."  :)  Connar was glued to the stroller and didn't budge even when I undid his seatbelt.  He was not having any of Santa, even though all he could talk about for days now was sitting on his lap and telling him what he wanted.  When I held Parker in my arms, he buried his head in my shoulder because Santa didn't exist if he couldn't see him.  :)  I had to send Santa away just to get them to get out of the stroller and sit in Santa's chair.  Then, Santa came up and pretended to read to them.  The lady took 3 pictures.  This was my favorite because it looks like Connar was trying to stay away from Santa but couldn't help but look at his book over his shoulder.  Parker looked the same in the other two, and Connar was not looking at Santa AT ALL in the other two.  Hilarious.

I let both boys down out of Santa's chair as Santa willed himself up off the floor, creaking knees and all (Don't you just love a really good Santa???  Loved this one!  He was willing to do whatever I wanted to get a picture.), and both boys took off in the opposite direction headed for the stroller.  I buckled Parker down and asked Connar to tell Santa what  he wanted for Christmas, for the 5th time.  With about 4 feet between him and Santa, Connar whispered that he wanted a whale, Buzz, and Woody.  :)  As we walked away from Santa, Connar asked me, "Where's my whale, Mommy?  Where's my whale?"  He thought you got the gift you asked for then and there.  Ha!

Seeing as though we already own 2 Buzz Lightyear's, a Woody, and a Jessie, I'm thinking I better find a whale before December 25.  That's not a tall order or anything.

Oh, and just to show you our history with Santa pictures...

I apparently had pregnant brain in December 2010 when I was pregnant with Parker and forgot to take Connar to see Santa, because I can't find a Santa picture anywhere from that year.  :(

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