Sunday, December 9, 2012

1st full day in H-town

After all the traveling we did for two days (Busan to Tokyo by plane, Tokyo to Dallas by plane, and Dallas to Houston by car), the boys and I were beat.  When we woke up the day after arriving in Houston (after 10 am, mind you), we hung out at home, played outside, and visited with family.

Sweet Kaylon bought Shipley donuts (the BEST glazed donut in the world!) and kolaches for us to eat when we woke up.  SO thoughtful of her!

My brother, Ryan, was not suppose to come back from college to see us until the following weekend, but we got a big surprise when we woke up on this day.  He drove in for the day to see us (I'm sure to see the boys more than me, but we'll go with "us" ;)  ), which was so exciting!  What a great surprise!  Parker was not too keen on seeing him, because let's be honest, he's in a stage where he only wants his mommy.  He's since come around and loves playing with Ryan.  Connar was happy to see his playmate, for sure.  :)

Check out these fun shirts my mom and step dad bought for the boys on a trip last summer.  I've been saving them to wear when we returned to Texas.

And how about that grass?!  We don't have much grass in Korea.  It's funny how you take things for granted.  Home sweet home.

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