Sunday, December 16, 2012

What a first morning!

Talton's first morning back in Houston was busy but oh so fun!

It started with him taking Connar to pick up Shipley's donuts for our breakfast.  :)
and a little loving and playing time:
P was making funny noises, cracking us up!

Then, we took the boys to play at a playground...
Connar insisted on trying to climb this thing.
When he got to this point, he stopped, smiled, and said to me, "Am I the best climber you ever saw?"  :)  You absolutely are, buddy.  :)
There was a small area dedicated to butterflies at the park.  Pretty cool way to end the trip to the playground.
"Oh, they so pretty....."  :)  And he's so sweet.

After the playground, we picked up one of Talton's favorites, Freebirds, for lunch.  We took it back home to eat since it was so close to nap time.  Delicious!  Totally hit the spot!
We made him a sign to welcome him home.  It's so nice to have my partner in crime back under the same roof.  :)

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