Sunday, December 16, 2012

Guess who's back!

After moving to Korea 8 months ago, my husband finally landed back in the U.S. yesterday for the holidays.  YAY!  The boys and I came home a couple weeks ago, so we've missed him like crazy.  And aside from sleeping in on the weekend, I know he missed us like crazy too.  :)

Oh, and let me just tell you what my sweet hubby did the day before he left Korea.  He knows how much I love coming home to a clean house and clean sheets after traveling, so he washed our sheets and vacuumed all the floors.  I know, I know....he's amazing.  Talk about hitting the husband jackpot!

21 hours after his first plane took off in Busan and surviving two layovers in Tokyo and then Dallas, it's safe to say Talton was more than exhausted when he climbed into my car at the airport.  I left Connar and Parker napping at home, so when we pulled up to the house after I picked him up, they were outside playing and came running to see their daddy.  What a great surprise for them!  I was so in the moment of watching him scoop his babies up that, unfortunately, it completely slipped my mind to take a picture of him hugging them.  I do, however, have many more adorable pictures to share from his homecoming.

stuffing his suitcases in the car at the airport

He was surprised by a few special people upon his arrival.  And they even carried his luggage inside when he told them he was just going to leave it in the car and retrieve it later.  What a treat!

My mom and Joel had Talton open his Christmas gifts from them now so he didn't make plans next Sunday..... Houston Texans football tickets AND a new jersey to sport to the game!  He was over the moon!

 Parker just couldn't get enough of his daddy.  He was attached at the hip and had to be within touching distance at all times.  Adorable.  With Parker in the "all I want is mommy stage", it was nice to have Talton around again because he's the only other person Parker won't hesitate going to/with.  They love their daddy, that's for sure. 

Then he watched the boys play outside with their friends for a bit.  :)

Welcome home, babe!  It's so good to all be back together.  That's just the way I like it.  :)

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