Saturday, January 12, 2013

Love Note Puzzle

Because the boys and I would be leaving my hubby in Busan for a couple weeks while we headed back to the U.S. before him, I wanted to leave something to keep him company and to help pass the time.

When he first visited Busan for a week last year before moving here, I packed a card in his suitcase labeled for every day of the week that he would be gone.  It gave him something to look forward to every day, which in turn helped the week pass by quickly even though he was all alone.  I wanted to do something similar to this again, so I started racking my brain with possibilities.

One day in early November while the boys were napping, I figured it out!  Here's what I came up with...


In case any of you are looking to do something similar for someone special in your life, here's how I created my puzzle.  Note: This concept could work for anyone, not just a spouse.  I happen to think it would be super fun for a child too!

Step 1:
I counted out how many days he would be alone before he joined us.  Once I figured out it was 18, I set up a 3x6 rectangle to create a large picture/message area with index cards.

Step 2:
 I used markers to write a big message that could be read once he assembled all 18 cards.

Step 3:
  I labeled 18 envelopes with the dates he was to open each, along with a visual of where that index card should be placed in relation to the other 17 cards.

Step 4:
I numbered each index card (on the opposite side of where I wrote the big message) and wrote him a small note about something I loved about him. 

Step 5:
  I put the index cards in the envelopes, wrote him a letter to tell him what this was all about (I left it on the counter the morning he took us to the airport along with some ticky tac to stick the puzzle pieces on the wall), and then bundled it up!

When we returned to Busan from the U.S., I was happy to see that he played along with my idea and assembled his puzzle on the wall as he opened his daily notes.  :)  I'm glad he liked this, and I know that while it couldn't compare to us really being with him every day, having a handwritten note from me each morning was nice too.  I love you, T.  I hope you know how special you are to me.

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