Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Eve

Talton and I don't like to travel anywhere on Christmas day, because it's important to us that the boys get a chance to stay home and play with all their new toys for the day.  We also like to spend time together, without the hassle of packing up toddlers, food, gifts, etc., and we have been known to spend the day in our jammies.

We have so many family members to see over the holidays, so we have to schedule our time wisely so everyone gets a piece of us.  It makes for a long few days that kind of run together, but it's nice to be able to see everyone if only for a little while.  With that said, we have to schedule our visits on days other than Christmas.

This year, we visited my husband's family on Christmas Eve morning.  As soon as we walked in, the boys made a beeline for the toys.  Kids will be kids.  :)

Shortly after that, they were anxious to get outside.  Connar was especially excited about "fishing".  We don't put bait on his pole, but he loves throwing the line in the water.  The boys being so close to the water really freaks me out.  When they learn how to swim, I won't worry so much, but for now, I sweat even on the coldest of days when they beg to go sit on the dock.

Connar was trying to learn how to throw out the line and reel it back in....

His cousin, Savanah, sat by him and gave him a few pointers.  :)

Parker got a toy truck and laid himself back on the floor to play with it while everyone else continued opening their next presents.  :)

C & P both got fishing poles to stay at NaNa's house for the lake.  I don't think P realizes he got one, because he was so busy doing other things besides opening gifts that C opened both of their poles.

P was more interested in playing with the "old" toys.  He just didn't have much interest in opening gifts this year....anywhere.  At least he was consistent from place to place.  :)

What's that?  A Barbie?  How fun!  Now that's one gift you won't see in our house of boys!

Talton was looking at a gift we received....a unicorn ornament from his late grandmother's tree.  His mom and sister brought it back from her house when they visited after she passed away a couple months ago.  This was such a heartfelt gift, and I know that my hubby was touched by it.

Check out this really awesome cardboard house we bought Savanah!  It's really sturdy, can be put together in no time, and you can even color it with markers!  If my boys weren't so rough and I knew that they wouldn't dive head first into the window or try to drive their bikes in and out of the house, I would totally buy one of these for our house.  I. Love. It!

She wasn't thrilled with the idea of C coloring her house because she knew he wouldn't color as neat as she wanted, but she did give in and let him write her a "message" (the scribbling in blue) on the inside panel of the window.  :)
December 25 is not only Christmas.  It's also Savanah's birthday!  She blew out candles on a Justin Bieber cake and then proceeded to feed Connar the cake.  He is totally capable of feeding himself, but he indulged her and let her continue.  Too cute.  :)

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