Monday, January 21, 2013

the Children's Museum

Going to the Houston Children's Museum puts me in a good mood, because I just love watching my kids get so excited about playing there in all the amazing areas it has to offer.  Because of this, I knew that the museum was a definite on our to do list during our visit home for Christmas.  Even Parker puking in the car (by accidentally gagging himself) as we were loading up to leave for the museum didn't deter us from getting to the museum that day.  That puke was no match for this mommy and daddy.  We went into rock star tag team mode and cleaned that car out and packed everyone back up in about 15 minutes.

If you've never been to this museum, you must make plans to go now!  If you don't have a child of your own to take, borrow one.  :)

C acting as a bank teller

This is made entirely out of different types of phones!

C taking a stab at being a news anchor - I'd definitely tune in to the news every day if my local anchor looked like him...I'm just sayin'.  :)

P doing a little grocery shopping

We went home with the boys a little wet from playing in the water area outside, but they were so tuckered out from all the playing that nap time was a cinch.  Love when that happens!  What a fun morning!

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