Saturday, January 26, 2013

I walked in and saw this...

"I'm playing a game with Daddy, Mommy." ....followed by a huge, all teeth smile.

Talton: "Did we get them?"
Connar: "No.  They're on the stairs!"

"Oh no!  Look out!"

"Stop that truck!  Come on, Daddy."

"He went that way, Daddy!"

me: "Can I play too?"
Connar: "No.  Only boys can play this game, Mommy," as he throws his head back cracking up, as if what I've asked is completely ridiculous.

"We're using the Boss Hog Outlaw Gun!"  Hmmmm...wonder which parent taught him that phrase...

Funny thing here is that T never plugs in C's controller, but C obviously doesn't know that.  He plays with all his might and truly believes that he's making major plays in the game when he pushes his buttons.  :)

Okay, so here's what I want to know.  (1) Is a love of video games hereditary?  And if so, (2) Is it too early to start an intervention?  I kid....I love seeing how excited C gets to play with his daddy, at whatever game that may be.  :)

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