Monday, January 14, 2013

Who needs rain???

Who wouldn't love splashing around in super cute rain boots?  In fact, if I owned some, I'd probably make up a reason to go outside when it's raining just so I could show them off. 

Even though it wasn't raining last week, Connar & Parker pulled on their nifty new rain boots and stomped down the long hall in our condo like it was a runway.  What makes it even cuter, in my personal mommy opinion, is that you can see their precious little boy legs stuffed in the boots, because they're running around dressed  in only their undies, diaper, and t-shirts.


Watching Parker walk in his boots was like watching Bambi walk for the first time.  He's still working on walking in such chunky, heavy shoes but is getting better. 

Connar does really well in them and even wore them for 4 hours straight that morning, only slipping them off to go potty (they're so heavy he couldn't scoot his hiney up on the seat without them falling off) and take a nap.  If it were up to him, he would've worn them at nap too.  :)  Then, he wore them to the grocery store another day.  Oh, and he can even ride his bike in them!

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