Saturday, January 26, 2013

my funny Monkey

Connar is so funny.  Sometimes I look at him and think, "You're only 3.  Where in the world did that come from?"  He makes me belly laugh nearly every day, and then once I start laughing hard, he follows suit, which then turns into a vicious cycle of us cracking up at each other.  To say I love moments like that is an understatement.

I absolutely love all the off the wall stuff he says, almost as much as I love the sincere, straightforward, heartfelt, sweet things that come out of his mouth.  Here's the thing about a 3 year old.  They don't have a filter, so you're going to know exactly how they feel about you.  They tell it like it is.  With all of that in mind, here are some of my favorite things he has said in the past few months.  I apologize if you've already heard one or two of these from me, but I want to be sure to document them here so I don't forget about them as he gets older.  Enjoy!


"Momma, I wanna get your belly button to make you funny!"
translation: He wanted to tickle my belly button to make me laugh.

"Where do boobies come from?" Geez Louise!

Connar: "Curious George is a keeper, Mommy."
Me: "Yeah, he's funny.  You're a keeper too."
Connar: "Yeah, I am.  I'm a keeper."

Parker purposely dumped out a bucket full of toys, and right on cue Connar goes, "Geez Louise!"  Ha!  He totally got that from me!

To wake Talton and I up in the morning, Connar came in to our room, looked at my alarm clock, and said, “35 25 P for Parker.  Time to wake up!”

After getting off Skype with my mom (his GrammE), Connar asked where she was going.  I told him it was night time there and she was going to bed.  He said, “She’s sweepy and whiney??”  Hmmmm, you think he's been told that he needs to go to sleep for that reason before????  ;)

me: "Connar, it's not time to get up yet. Nap time is not over. Lay back down and close your eyes."
C: "This is not gonna work."
me: "What's not gonna work?"
C: "The nap."
Haaaa!! Good try, kid. :)

I was getting dried snot off Parker's face when I heard: "You two cut it out! You stop scweamin Pawker. You leave him alone Mommy."  You think he’s heard that a time or two himself?

"Ta da! Wook Mommy. They all wined up. They so cool Mommy. These dinosaurs are so cute, Mommy."
Here's one from just this morning.  We were sitting on the couch and I heard him say, "There's hair on my ball."  Wondering what in the world this kid is talking about, I turned to see this in his hand.
And yes, there was a strand of hair on it.  :)

I tell him, "Sweet dreams my sweet monkey" every night when I put him to bed.  His response was always, "Sweet dreams my sweet monkey", merely repeating what I had said to him.  Then one night his response surprised me, and he's said it every night ever since.  "Sweet dreams my sweet mommy."  Awwww!  Melt my heart why don't you?!

And I'll wrap up this list with the one that had all of us rolling at the dinner table tonight.
"I have goose butts." (translation: goose bumps)
It was too easy not to repeat it over and over, and once he realized he was saying "butt", he would keep saying it and laughing hysterically.  It was awesome.

I try to keep a running record of the things he says, so I'll try to add more lists as time goes on because (1) I don't want to forget these hilarious things and (2) I know you all get a kick out of it too!  I am seriously looking forward to when Parker is old enough to talk and say crazy stuff too.  Two little boys making us laugh constantly?  That.Will.Be.AwEsOMe!  :)

Thank you, God, for this funny Monkey of mine.

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