Thursday, January 31, 2013

a lesson in sharing

me: "Can I please have a red gummy bear?"

C: "No. Get you own Reese's candy out the cabinet."

C proceeds to stuff the remainder of the gummy bears in his mouth for fear that I'm going to steal one.

me for about the 5th time: "Will you please share with me? I always share with you."

C: "Here," as he takes a green gummy bear out of his mouth and hands it to me.

Talton & I were having such a hard time not laughing because he did end up "sharing" that his final comment sent us over the edge...

C: "Now I want a Reese's."
And the gold star for today's lesson goes to Connar for teaching us all that you can share AND barter all at once.
To anyone that wants to have a play date with us, I promise, I am working on this sharing thing with him.  Really, I am.  I also promise not to ask him to share food with your child until we have sharing with things that don't get put in your mouth conquered.  :)

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