Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let's ride!

We took the boys for their first spin outside on their new bikes in front of our building.  They really loved it, as you would've guessed. 

Connar has gotten the hang of steering and pedaling so well now that he's almost fearless.  It totally scared me when he started going so fast down the slope of concrete that leads to the boardwalk and eventually the beach itself that I ran after him a few times, because I was afraid he wasn't going to slow down in time.  There was one time he took a corner too fast and nearly fell over, but he threw his foot down and stood up to catch himself.  He looked at Talton and I, smiled, and said proudly, "Good catch!"  :)

Parker has crazy good balance on his bike!  So good that he rode without holding on to the handlebars....because both hands were full of goldfish.  :)  He had it made in the shade with his daddy pushing him and me feeding him, all while he was enjoying the view of the ocean and the people around us.  Smart boy.

We rode on and off the elevator on the bikes.  Thank goodness nobody else was in the elevator!  Heading outside now!

And they're off!

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