Saturday, January 12, 2013

my poor hubby

Since one of my last posts was about Talton arriving in Houston for Christmas, I thought this should follow...

To say that my hubby had a very rough first week of his vacation might be the largest understatement ever made. 

He spent the first two days in bed with a stomach bug....not fun when you (1) want to be up visiting family and (2) want to be enjoying food you've been looking forward to eating when you got there.

The third day he went to the dentist with a toothache he'd had for like two weeks at that point to find out that he needed to get all four of his wisdom teeth taken out.  Bad timing?  I'd say so, considering he was on his only vacation of the year that he just traveled 7000 miles to get to.

On day four, we packed the boys up to go to the Children's Museum, and as I was strapping P in to his car seat, he gagged himself and lost his morning milk and breakfast all over himself, me, and the car.  Vomit in the car by a kid was, unfortunately, not a first for me, but it was for T.  He took it on like a rock star and helped strip the car seat, clean the car out, and pack back up with a clean baby to continue on to our destination for the day.

Day five was tooth extraction day.  I played nurse and took care of my sweet hubby.  Thank goodness he was on serious pain meds, because he never felt a bit of pain.  Oh, and also thank goodness for an Elmo ice pack and a bag of frozen corn......

He was passed out on those crazy pain meds for the rest of day 5 and spent the next couple days recovering.

I am happy to report that the next couple weeks on vacation were much better for him.  I'm working on updating the blog to show you all the stuff we were up to in Houston to prove it.  :)

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