Wednesday, January 23, 2013

dinosaur museum

We spent the afternoon on the first day of 2013 admiring all the cool dinosaurs at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  This was a special visit for Connar who had been looking forward to seeing the dinosaurs since he went on a dinosaur hunt a few months ago.  This was only a few days before we left Houston to go back to Korea, but there was no way I was going back on a promise to take him there.

As soon as we stepped foot in and he spotted his first dinosaur, he stopped dead in his tracks, turned to me, pointed, and yelled, "Wook Mommy!  A dinosaur" over and over again.  The people around us thought he was the cutest thing, so full of excitement.  And he was.  :)
Look at C & T.  They're standing the same way.  Love it!

C is staring at his daddy watching his reaction to the dinosaur.  :)

We ended up paying too much for the little bit of time it took to get through all the dinosaurs (we'll have to invest in a membership one day I think), but seeing Connar's reaction to the dinosaurs up and close personal was priceless.  For us, getting to watch him explore these dinosaurs that he loves so much was worth every penny.

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