Sunday, January 20, 2013

memories from Mamaw's

When I was at my grandparents' house at Christmas, I walked around admiring all of my grandma's things that make her house her house.  These things are inconsequential to most people, but when I go to her house, they are the things that bring back memories.  Some are memories of a big house they lived in when I grew up, some are photographs of people from long ago, and some are trinkets that she's had for what seems like forever.

I decided that I never want to forget these things, so I went on a little tour around her house taking pictures of some of the things I've come to know, love, and expect to see at her house every time I visit.  I also came across a few new things I never noticed before but that I thought were so cool.

She has a wooden stand up doll for every month of the year.  I'm pretty sure these babies have adorned three of my grandma's houses at this point.

This is my grandma's makeup counter....or at least part of it.  These bottles of Clinique take me wayyyyy back.

These bowls take me back to being a little girl eating Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream in my grandparents' kitchen.  I'd eat it with really long teaspoons my grandparents had that bent really easy every time I tried to scoop the ice cream from the bucket into this bowl.

I thought this was cute growing up, but now I just think it's downright hilarious.  Funny how things like that evolve when a girl grows up to be a wife and mom.

My siblings and I made this apron for my grandma when we were really young.  I don't know that my grandma actually uses it, because it's always hung up like this, like decoration, every time we come over, and it has been that way for many years.  Seeing it takes me back to doing crafts like this with my mom (who helped us make this for my grandma) with our sponge stamps and paint.

I found this in a photo album tucked away in the room we slept in.  It's my grandparents' first family Christmas card with my dad who was only 4 months old at the time.  So cool!  When I showed it to my grandma, you could just see the memories coming back to her as she smiled.

This has to be the coolest "new" thing I came across on this visit to my grandparents' house.  It's my great grandma, Mee Mee's, marriage certificate from November 2, 1929 !!!!!!  What's neat about that, other than the fact that this piece of paper is over 83 years old, is that Connar was born on November 2!

My oh  my, this bread box quite possibly has been around since before I was born.  There hasn't always been bread in it (sometimes candy... :)  ), but if I close my eyes, I can see my grandma's old big walk in pantry.  Looking at this bread box brings back the scent of that old pantry too.

I can't go through these pictures one by one, but let me just say that I'm pretty sure these pictures have been arranged like this for many, many, many years.  It's neat to look at them and remember looking at the same pictures on these same shelves 20+ years ago.

My grandparents have a sweet tooth for sure.  I mean, my grandfather asks for a corner piece of cake every time just because it usually has the most icing!  When I was at their house this time, I was looking through drawers in their kitchen for something and came across a candy drawer!  Now, you have to know that this isn't a candy drawer for their grandkids (although I'm sure they'd share)'s all for them!  When I saw this specific bag of candy, the peanut butter bars, all I could think about was how my grandma had handfuls of these babies stuffed in every drawer in her camper when we went camping every summer.  These get stuck in your teeth likes nobody's business, but they're sooooo good!!!!

The skunk holds a can of air freshener and sprays it from the behind.  Too funny!  The mouse holds a roll of toilet paper under her skirt.

Mamaw, in case you read this..... I love you and all these things that bring back so many memories.  You are one special lady, and I hope that my grandkids hang tight to memories hidden in neat treasures around my house one day too.  xoxo