Saturday, January 12, 2013

Korean meds

C has been sick all. week. long.  "UGH!!" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about that.  My poor baby has had an awful runny nose, a fever that hasn't quit, and a cough to boot.  After running a fever for 4 days and with it being high for 3 of those days, we took him to the doctor yesterday.  After examining him, the doctor said his ears look good and his chest sounds clear.  He said he has an upper respiratory viral infection and prescribed these 4 medications: fever reducer (white liquid), something to dry up the runny nose (red liquid), something to stop the cough (brown liquid), and something to help keep any inflammation down in his lungs that will also help with the coughing (powder in the packets that we mix with a drink).

Let's just say that we gave him one dose of the red and brown, and all went fine.  Then, the next dose came around, and he gagged on the brown bitter liquid so hard all of the second dose of everything I had already given him came up along with his dinner....and snack hours earlier...yeah, I definitely saw that in there.  We've yet to give him any more of that liquid.  We have been mixing the powder in his drinks in hopes that will help in some way.  I wish he could take and keep the other meds down, but I also know that it's not a fight I'm up for at this point considering we're hopefully at the tail end of the runny nose and cough that should clear up VERY soon.  The doctor said that his fever should go away in the next couple days, so please pray that it's gone either tonight or tomorrow.  Otherwise, we're heading back to the doctor Monday for an antibiotic for a possible underlying bacterial infection we just can't see yet.  Go away fever, GO AWAY fever, GO AWAY FEVERRRRR!!!!!

My hubby took a Sharpie with him to the pharmacy so he could write on the bottles.  Can you imagine trying to just remember what they're for and the correct dosage?  I know I would've forgotten by the time I got in my car at the pharmacy.

Funny story about his pharmacy visit (By the way, this was after I had bundled the boys up in their big coats along with blankets on top of them to walk to two pharmacies to fill the prescriptions earlier in the day and neither had any of it in stock! Ugh!)......  He said while he waited for the pharmacist to fill the prescriptions, she offered him coffee and some Thomas the Train candy on a tray.  Isn't that funny?!  I think it's awesome how you can wait and they'll fill your prescription then and there, AND they even offer you coffee and a snack while you wait!  Now that's service!  If we got this filled in the U.S., I think the response would've been much different, like, "Um, okay. Come back in an hour and a half.  I'm going on my lunch break."  You know I'm right.  ;)

Oh, and here's the BEST part..... All four of these medications were only $10!  I know---Great service and a great price!

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