Saturday, January 12, 2013

Are you ready for some football?

For one of Talton's Christmas gifts, my mom and stepdad, Joel, gave him their two season ticket seats to watch the Houston Texans play the Minnesota Vikings two days before Christmas.  This was perfect while we were in town, because Talton eats and breathes football!

This is the Astrodome (not where the Texans play, but it's in the same parking area...use to be the home of Houston's baseball team, the Astros, and former football team, the Oilers, among many other activities, such as the Rodeo)

On our way into the stadium, I stopped by the potty and handed my camera to Talton to hold while I did so.  While I was inside, I could hear Talton talking to people outside the door.  When I walked out, this is what I found...
Talton was taking this picture of these two men.  Ha!  They saw him holding my camera and said, "Hey man.  You gonna take our picture?"  Talton was like, "Who, me?"  They replied, "Hell yeah!" and proceeded to pose for him.  When Talton asked who he should say the people in the picture are, they said, "JJ Watt and Arian Foster".  Too funny!

Walking through all the tailgating was fun.  I just love all that spirit!

A Vikings tailgater - Wouldn't it be so fun to travel to every away game for one football season?  We are totally going to do that one day with our boys!

Reliant Stadium.... home of the Houston Texans!

 Check out these food buses parked outside the stadium....
"Bernie's Burger Bus" named their food awesome things like "Field Trip", "Substitute", "Bully", and "Recess".  For more, see the picture below...
"The Waffle Bus" - Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches
"Kurbside Eatz"

 And you gotta love the characters and the go-all-out outfits you come across at a football game....
Remember, this was only 2 days before Christmas after all.

This grown man was in full uniform (Nope, he's not a player!) dancing in the middle of the crowd.  Ha!

a tailgating group enjoying a heaping mound of crawfish and the fixings
Aw come on now, I know you've heard the saying.... "Things are always bigger in Texas."  ;)

There's something about a live band that gets me going.  Love it!  It reminds me of a high school football game band and how it gets you all pumped up.

In case we forgot we were home in Texas, this big sign above the concession stand reminded us.  :)
We went inside the stadium early to watch the players warm up.

The retractable roof was not open today...



OF COURSE we enjoyed funnel cakes!  One of my faves!

Even though our Texans lost this game, we decided to stretch our alone time a little longer by stopping at Connie's Custard for some yummy desserts!  I stuck to an oldie but a goodie, a strawberry shake, while Talton opted for the Kentucky Derby (basically pie crust with filling that tasted exactly like cookie dough with hot fudge and ice cream on top.....delish!)

What a fun afternoon date!  :)

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