Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello Kitty Town

Oh. My. Goodness!!!!  We found a new place to go play called "Hello Kitty Town (Restaurant & Amusement)" on the 7th floor of the Save Zone here in the Haeundae area of Busan, which is like a 10-15 minute walk from our condo.  When I heard "Hello Kitty", the little girlie kitty that is the Hello Kitty brand came to mind, and I was curious to see if this place was just for girls or if my boys could play here too.  It's definitely for all kids, and simply's awesome!

There is so much for the boys to do, and it costs the same as it cost for the boys to go play at Tiovivo in Shinsegae, except you don't pay for adult admission here like you do at Tiovivo.  That means I paid 24,000 won ($24) for the boys to play here for a couple hours.  I think you can stay up to three hours, but we didn't hit that because it was time for us to go home for lunch and nap time before we got near our time limit.

Part of the place is a restaurant, and the staff actually seats you at a table when you walk in.  That way, you can either leave your belongings at the table while you follow the kids around the play area, or you can sit at your table and watch the kids on one of the TV monitors spread throughout the restaurant. 

Gotta love these call buttons on every table!  Instead of the staff walking through the restaurant asking if you need something every so often, you push this button when you're ready to order or need some assistance at your table.  Genius!

Octopus friend rice, anyone???
You can even have a birthday party here for $25 per child (Did your mouth drop open like mine did when I read that on the menu?!)!

I'll let the pictures and videos of this rockin' place speak for themselves....

There's even a mini work out center for the kids to get their exercise on!

Look how cool this little circular boat area is!

Connar did some zip lining!  I was so proud of him for hanging on the whole way down!

P hasn't quite gotten the hang of playing like a gentleman yet.  I had to take him out of this area and distract him with another activity, because he was trying to move the girl out of his way by pushing his head against hers to grab the toy he wanted.  Sorry, precious little girl.  He's just a baby too, really.

How neat is this big robot?!  They get strapped in and then it rotates/walks for 2 full circles.

This video makes me laugh, because it reminds me of Parker just couldn't seem to figure out how to not fall on those balls every single time he took a step.  Yet, he'd stand up without fussing, try it again, and then fall all over again.  This happened over and over and over.  I couldn't help but giggle since he wasn't hurting himself by falling, and at the same time, I was so proud of his persistence!  I also like this video, because all you can hear is the chattering of the Korean moms surrounding us.  :)

It's amazing to me how well kids work together when they don't speak the same language.  They somehow understood each other's roles... The cute Korean boy loaded the ball into the ball gun, and then Connar pushed the button to shoot it out.  They did it countless times.

There's even a little train inside this place!
Parker started out on the train, but as soon as the lady walked away after buckling him in he stood up and it popped open.  I was concerned, and rightfully so obviously, that he wouldn't sit for the entire ride.  They wouldn't allow me to ride with him, so I had to take him off the train while Connar rode alone.  :( for Parker but Connar was happy as long as he was on that train.  :)

Oh, come on, P.  Being a super hero isn't that bad.  The cape is the fun part!


Out of all the free floor space and other actual places to sit, he decided on this box full of blocks.  :)

playing music with his feet

There were princesses running around everywhere!  Adorable!

This place rocked!  We will definitely be making frequent appearances here.  :)

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