Monday, January 14, 2013

Girls Only!

My mom took my sister, Kelsie, and I to a play called "Girls Only", along with some other close friends.  It was a funny play about all things girl related, and there wasn't a single man in the audience.  They're not banned, but I guess not many men want to go to a play called "Girls Only".  I wish I had pictures to show you of the actual set and the two actresses that perform the entire show, but that wouldn't be appropriate considering they started off the show in just their bras and panties.  Yep, I'm serious.  I love that they were comfortable enough in their own skin to do that in front of complete strangers.  But now you can understand why they probably wouldn't appreciate those pictures all over the internet.  :)

After the play, we ate a yummy in my tummy Mexican dinner at the Cadillac Bar.  De-freakin-licious!
Aren't my mom and sister so pretty?  They're that way on the inside too.  Love them so much!
What a fun afternoon with some of my favorite people!  Thank you for treating us, Mom.  I loved spending time with you and Rose.  We're a little outnumbered as far as being the only girls in our family of eight guys, so it's nice to have some girlie time every now and then.  xoxoxo

Later that night, Kelsie and I ran out to Target for a few things and decided to grab a shake while we were at it.  Sisters rock!

This picture has nothing to do with our girls' afternoon, but since I was talking about my sister, I thought I'd share this picture of us that was taken while I was home earlier in the month.  I think it just may be one of the greatest pictures we've ever taken.  :)

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