Thursday, January 17, 2013

surviving Santa

Santa came to my mom's house when she and my stepdad hosted Christmas for his side of the family.  Those of you who saw this year's official Santa picture won't be shocked when I tell you I was a little concerned with how C & P would react to Santa up close and personal...again.

But before Santa made his debut, my 3 boys and I went to eat Mexican food (I can't ever get enough of that!!) and then played outside.

When the time for Santa came, the boys tiptoed around him and stared at him from across the room.  They were checking him out and trying to figure out how they felt about him being there.

Connar even army crawled to his spot on the floor.  I think at this moment, though, he was more concerned with getting close to the candy bowl rather than being concerned with Santa.

And this is where the boys sat until Santa called them up for their gifts.  They sat far enough away so he couldn't touch them, yet close enough to keep an eye on his whereabouts at all times.  :)

Santa gifted everyone with either a silly gift or practical gift.  Thank you, Santa!

Talton and I acted overly excited, and I might've even kissed Santa on the cheek, just to show the boys that sitting on his lap was okay.  :)

Parker was testing the waters near Santa while I was on his lap....

I literally had to open Parker's present for him in this position, because he refused to sit up closer to Santa.  Do you see him eyeballing Santa out of the corner of his eye?  Ha!
Once he was distracted by the gift after it was opened, he forgot all about Santa.

Connar wasn't too happy about so close to Santa, but at least he opened his own gift.  :)

The good news about this is that the boys survived Santa. Yay!

The bad news about this is that there's a slight possibility they'll remember Santa isn't so bad and they may both be smiling in next year's official Santa picture.  Boo!

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