Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas morning!

Christmas morning was a little different this year than in past years, seeing as though we weren't at our own home.  Santa knew we were at my mom's house and made sure to deliver the boys' gifts there.  Being the amazing Santa that he is, he also took the time to write the boys a letter telling them he also delivered some gifts to our home in Korea that they would get when we got back home. 

After getting the boys some morning milk, we headed downstairs to check out just how good the boys had been this year.  They were hoping that their elf, Dash, put in a good word for them with the jolly old man in the red suit.  :)

Don't you just love pure excitement and surprise?!  This face makes me so happy!

P & C taking their first look at what Santa left for them

They must've been good because Santa brought them just what they asked for!

P was more interested in going outside when PaJ opened the door to let Bella out to potty than looking at gifts.  No surprise for this 22 month old.  He just doesn't have much interest in gift opening....yet.  It will come.  :)
 T & I got the boys these super adorable hooded towels (from Pottery Barn Kids).  They're perfect for the bath right now, and they'll be used a lot once Summer rolls around again at the beach where we live.

Time to open our stockings!
Stockings are one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning..... Anyone with me?  :)

He adores this airplane.  He took it on the planes on our trip back to Korea, and it's currently his favorite toy to sleep with.

My hubby filled my stocking with all kinds of good stuff!

C must've temporarily lost his mind, because he was trying to help himself to a Reese's from my stocking.  I did give him one....eventually.  ;)

a genuine 1 year old fit

fit over.....cured by one of Mommy's Reese's
 Time to open presents!

He did not want to put down the first present he opened...until he realized he had lots more gifts to open.

My youngest brother, Ryan, came home first thing this morning to be there to watch the boys open their gifts.  Aw, what a good Uncle Ryan.  :)  He and my mom took pictures and recorded our Christmas morning....what a treat for me to not have to worry about that.  Thanks, guys!  :)

This is me being excited about showing Parker a new book I bought for him.
And this is also Parker being more excited to go look at something on the other side of the room instead of paying to attention to the book I thought he'd love.
At least Connar was there to be interested and indulge me.  :)

C loves these sticker books!  I bought sooooo many off Amazon, and they're only a couple bucks each.  They're miracle workers on the plane too.  :)

This is one gift I gave Talton..... engraved chopsticks.
They both say "I love you" in English and the other in Korean (that would be "saranghae" for those who are interested).  I thought these would be something he could keep forever to remember our time in Korea.

And then he proceeded to eat the boys' Fruit Loops with them.  :)

Talton bought this bracelet for me.  This is actually a replacement bracelet that is exactly like the first he and the boys gave me for Mother's Day in 2011.  I recently lost the first one somewhere in Korea, and I was in tears when I realized it one day when I went to put it on.  Talton surprised me by figuring out where he ordered it from online a couple years ago.  I love it, because it doesn't scream "HEY, this is a Mom bracelet!", but it is just that and reminds me of my boys when I see it.  It blends in nicely with my other silver jewelry.

P dying to sneak outside
It wasn't too long after we finished opening gifts and I made pancakes for everyone that the electricity went out....for like 4 hours.  Yep, Christmas day, no electricity, and we had a big family gathering that afternoon.  Nice, real nice.  At least we were able to enjoy our Christmas morning before that could've been worse, so I count my blessings there.  :)

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