Tuesday, July 30, 2013

day 2 with my dad & Esther

An empty suitcase is the only thing my kids flock to as much as a basket of warm, clean laundry.

 On day 2 of my dad and Esther's visit to Busan, we started the day off with a trip to one of my favorite places here, Yonggungsa Temple, AKA The Water Temple.
 On the walk up to the temple from the parking lot, you pass by a small market selling food, clothes, jewelry, and souvenirs.
 How cute is she?!

Then, we picked up Mickey D's for lunch.
I love that they use bags for the drinks instead of the cardboard cup holders they use in the U.S.!

While the boys napped, so did my dad and Esther.  That jet lag can be a booger.
 Then jets flew by shaking our building and roaring so loud that they woke everyone but Parker up.  They were putting on a show to officially open the beach for the summer.  It was pretty cool!

 For dinner we ate samgyetang (basically traditional Korean chicken soup....boiling hot when placed on your table!).
They only serve three varieties here: traditional, steamed red ginseng, and oriental herb.
Traditional samgyetang is described as "boiled spring chicken stuffed with sweet rice, ginseng, Chinese dates, chestnuts, and a whole bulb of garlic".
 I was a little worried about bringing the boys to this restaurant, because there wasn't anywhere to block them in (like in a booth or up against a wall), because you sit on the floor next to other people and with another person like 2 feet behind you at the next table.  They did great though!
 Having to sit on the floor was so hard for my dad.  He said he plans on stretching every day from now on to loosen up his joints.  :)
 Where else does your waitress wear slippers to work???
 They loved samgyetang and the experience of this traditional Korean meal!

Then it was time to head home for the night.
 The karaoke bar (at the top of the following picture) is called "Don't tell mama".  ha!
 I know it's juvenile, but the name of this cafe makes me giggle every time I see it: "Titicaca" .
 our building
 The gorgeous night view of the beach from our window.

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