Sunday, July 8, 2012

An afternoon at the beach!

It was a b-e-a-u-tiful day here in Busan!  The beach was the busiest I've seen it yet.  Umbrellas littered the sand, and there were so many people in the water you could barely see water in some spots.  We decided today was a perfect opportunity for us to put on our bathing suits, lather the boys up with sunscreen, grab our beach toys, and head out to play.  Instead of going right in front of our condo where we usually play in the sand, we walked a little ways down the beach where it wasn't as crowded so the boys could get in and out of the water easier.  They absolutely loved being in the water, and even when they started shivering from the chilly temperature of the water after being in it for a while, they didn't like it when we told them we needed to head out to the sand to warm up a bit.  I just love days like today.  It makes me realize how lucky we are to be on this adventure on the other side of the world. 

We were trying to set up our little area, but the boys just couldn't wait.  They took off.

Love this water and how clear it is!!!

Connar had a ball jumping the waves!
Every now and then when Parker wasn't paying attention, the water would roll in and almost knock his feet from underneath him.  He wanted to be a big boy, though, and not hold my hand.  He tried desperately to go out as far as Connar and Talton were.

Aren't these the cutest hats?!  I bought them in Houston knowing that I wanted a rim all the way around their hat to keep the sun off their ears and to cover more of their heads.
Captain Adorable?  I think YES!

Parker liked dumping mud on those rocks and then watching the water come up and wash it off.  Connar just liked to fling the mud.  :)

We were at the end of the beach where it wasn't too crowded.

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