Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kids say the funniest things!

Connar keeps me laughing on a daily basis.  The things he says are priceless.  Here are a couple things he said this week that had Talton and I rolling...

  • "I scretchin'" as he leaned back on the couch stretching his arms above his head.
  • "Let me hold the booger tip!"  He was talking about a Q-Tip.  I think he called it a booger tip because I use Q-Tips to get boogers out of Parker's nose since he can't blow them out yet.
As for Parker, he is starting to attempt to say words these days which is SO MUCH FUN to hear!  He loves to look at two books that are full of only pictures.  These two books happened to be Connar's favorite books too when he was Parker's age.  They love(d) them because they can point to objects or animals and practice saying the name.  It was at about 18 months that Connar's vocabulary exploded, so with Parker being nearly 17 months, his vocabulary explosion is just on the horizon.  That's so exciting!  I absolutely love listening to my kids talk, especially when they're just learning.  Here are just some of the words that Parker knows so far: ball, car, flower, dog, elephant (you should hear this one: "elfa"), balloon, duck, ear, teeth, milk, juice (he says this when he wants a drink of something, even if it's not juice), shoe, hat, book, uh-uh is 'no' with a firm head shake left and right over and over.  Words that I've been practicing with him this week are: yes, please, love you (he just says "you"), thank you, and night night.  He pronounces some of these words beautifully and anyone could understand him, but there are definitely a few words that only Talton and I can decode.  That's all part of the fun of learning new words though, and I enjoy every moment of it.  :)

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  1. I wish I could hear their little voices.... They are Both growing so Fast! We love you all ♥