Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pictures I LOVE...

I caught the "camera bug" from my mom, so I can't help but have my camera nearby at all times just in case I need to catch some special or funny moments.  Here are some of my favorites from this past week.  Let me just warn you now... As you look at these, you won't be able to help but smile.  :)
I'm so lucky I get to be home with this precious boy every day and soak up all those smiles and giggles!

Is this not the sweetest picture?!

When Connar saw Talton working on his laptop, he quickly said, "I need my waptop too."

He was painting a picture from his Texas coloring book as we talked about all the things that make Texas special.  He insisted on painting two with a rattlesnake and one with a longhorn (or a "bighorn" as Connar sometimes calls it :)  ).

Monkey see, monkey do.

Parker climbed right on up by Connar, and it wasn't long before these sweet brothers were in rhythm with each other's milk drinking.  What's funny about this to me is that they're sitting almost the same exact way.

I love my boys' blue eyes!

I love his smile.

If only you could hear the screeching sound that accompanies this face.  Although that sound does not make me laugh at all, this picture does.  :)

side note.... How cute is that patch?!

I caught him sitting like this watching a movie.  Such a big boy.  Time is flying by...

He may be able to thank me for those blue eyes, but he can thank his daddy for those gorgeous long eyelashes.

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  1. I Appreciate you Kristi for sharing all the pix and for sharing your family's Adventure with us! You know Talton has Always been Special to us and our family and You, Connar and Parker are just as Special We love you guys very much ♥ Aunt Tammie, Uncle Ray, Cheyenne and Morgan