Monday, July 16, 2012

Caught in the rain!

When we went to Shinsagae, basically the mall, we had all intentions of parking in the underground parking garage there.  Well when we arrived at the garage, we discovered there were no spots available.  We decided to park at Talton's work parking garage, which is a couple blocks away from Shinsagae, because it's usually pretty empty.  We like walking here and there around town so this wasn't a big deal at all.  It became a big deal when we left the mall later, because at that point it was pouring rain.  I'm talking raining cats and dogs here.  Because we were planning on parking under the mall, we thought we wouldn't need to bring our umbrellas.  Boy were we wrong to think that.  We will be taking our umbrellas everywhere from now on, rain or shine.... just in case.  :)  Getting stuck in the rain was an experience, that's for sure.  It was actually kind of fun.  The boys LOVED every second of Talton running with the stroller through the rain.

We were all soaking wet!  We stripped them down and changed their diaper and underwear for the ride home.

The front of Talton's shirt was dry in the middle, because he was hunched over the stroller as he ran through the streets.
Well ain't this purty?  I don't think I had a dry spot on my body.  I had flip flops on, so that slowed my running down a bit.
Getting stuck in the rain wasn't the end of world, and it actually gave us a good giggle on our way home.  :)

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