Thursday, October 25, 2012

Can I get a Nobel Peace Prize nomination???

I'm completely serious when I say that whoever invented GOLDFISH should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

This wonderfully cheesy and keep your hands clean kind of snack has brought more peace to my life as a mommy than I could ever begin to explain to you.  Costco here may not have boxed Kraft macaroni & cheese and Home Plus may not sell Eggo frozen waffles anymore after teasing us by doing so for a couple short months, but they got one thing right by stocking these magical fish.  They somehow take the crying level in our house from "I'm about to pull out my hair AND your hair if it doesn't stop soon!" to "This kind of silence makes me think we can handle another baby!" (Any and all grandparents and other interested family and friends should NOTE: Silence may be golden, as they say, but it's not THAT golden!)  :)

Seriously though, I'm pretty sure this is the best kid snack ever invented.

Two things I'm pretty sure that a new mom & dad should be given as standard baby gifts:
(1) a lifetime supply of goldfish
(2) This book...
Thank you,, for this pic!
If you've never read this book, do it.  I gave it to Talton for Father's Day a couple years ago, and we laughed till we cried because the words ring so true.

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