Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Busan International Fireworks Festival

This past weekend was the 8th Annual Busan International Fireworks Festival at the Gwangan Bridge.  This festival originated in 2005 to celebrate the 2005 APEC Summit and was so popular and brought in so many people from around the world, it has since become an annual festival here in Busan. Gwangan Bridge overlooks Gwangalli Beach, which is where millions of people pack in like sardines to get the best view of the amazing show.  People stake their claim on their spot of sand hours and hours before the show even begins. 

With our littles in tow, this was not a possibility for us, so we decided to go to the roof of our building on Haeundae Beach to see what we could of the show from there.  Because there are many tall buildings and Dongbaek Island between here and there, we didn't get to see much of the fireworks unless they shot way high into the sky past the buildings, but what we did see was pretty cool.

Because it's a little difficult to keep two little guys under control on the roof at night, we decided to head back home and watch the rest of the show from our window.  It wasn't the greatest view, so we didn't see much except for the smoke from the fireworks rising in the sky, so we put the boys to sleep.  Just then, the finale started and we pulled Connar out of bed after putting him 2 minutes prior just to watch it with us.  Don't you just love moments like that.....pulling your kid out of bed to watch amazing fireworks that he had been waiting on for days?!  So fun for me and Talton!  :)

Connar spotted a friend!  :)

Notice the group of Korean girls sitting on the right as the kids ran past them?

They were just having a little picnic up there while they watched fireworks.

me and Bug

If Talton and I are smiling, I consider that shot a success.  :)

There weren't too many other people up there, which was great!  I'm not sure if not many people know you can get up on our roof or if they decided to brave the crowds at Gwangalli Beach or elsewhere for a view.
 The rest of these pictures were taken from the window of our place.

Love Mommy's Monkey!

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