Tuesday, October 30, 2012


"1+1" is basically "buy one, get one free" here in Korea.  I was so proud of myself today when I went down this aisle looking for hand soap and noticed this sign next to the soap I was going to buy.  Yay for me for noticing the 1+1 sign AND even more importantly, yay for me for knowing what it meant! 

There have been a few instances where Talton and I have gotten to the cash register to pay for groceries, and they point out that an item is 1+1.  Our answer was, "Oh, it's okay.  We'll just take one."  Ha.  These Korean cashiers were not having that and INSISTED that we go back and get a second of that item. 

Imagine this happening in Costco with a mile long line of people behind you waiting while you run to get another bag of cream puffs that you're only buying to try it out...yes, that happened to us once.  (And no, they weren't any good and we ended up with the rest of the opened bag as well as an entire second bag...because after all, the second bag was free.  It would've been a shame for us to not take it and someone who actually liked them be able to buy them...)

Anywho, after checking out, I quickly checked my receipt to be sure the soap rung up as 1+1 and it did!  I did it!  Woo hoo!  It may be silly to you, but living in another country where you don't speak more than a handful of words is difficult.  I'll take the victories wherever they come!  :)

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