Monday, October 22, 2012

randoms from last week

I try to take the boys out to play somewhere as much as possible to let them get their energy out.  Last week, I took them back to Tiovivo, the play area at Shinsegae.

We also played in the sand one day.  It didn't last too long before Parker threw a face-down-in-the-sand-and-rolling-like-he-was-on-fire kind of fit because I wouldn't let him go near the water.  Connar was playing so well by himself since his brother decided he was going to act every bit his age of 1 that I plopped Parker on my hip, while he continued screaming, to allow Connar some extra time to play in the sand for being such a well behaved little guy.  I sure hope Parker gets out of this screaming at the top of his lungs phase in the next 5 weeks before we hop back on a few planes to make our way back to the U.S..  This would be a perfect time for you to stop reading and pray for just that.  Seriously.  Pray now.  :)

such a good big brother stopping to help his little bro up
P was taking off for the water.  No sir!

I saw Crazy out with her red begging bowl tapping people on the shoulder with it and jiggling it in their faces.  She must gather quite a bit of moolah in that red begging bowl because she has on nice, red lipstick, a pretty umbrella, and a pretty new looking backpack.  I'm just sayin.
On our way to the market, Connar insisted we stop to watch this building being tore apart.  He almost broke his neck straining to look back at it when we walked away.
I had no idea he was so versed in peeling an orange until this day.  The lady who I buy tomatoes from gave him a free orange, and before we could get to the end of the street, he had it peeled and eaten!  :)

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