Sunday, October 14, 2012

boys will be boys

Rocks and spiders....that's the theme of this post. 

No matter what playground we take the boys to, Parker always seems to be attracted to digging in the dirt.  Now, he also still tries (and tries and tries and tries) to put rocks in his mouth, but we won't talk about that.  :) 

While Parker is still at the age of being content playing by himself at the park, Connar desperately wants to make friends with every kid there.  He's so sweet and kind hearted.

On this day, he made friends with this precious little Korean guy.  His mom would pick tiny berries off the bush, hand them to the boys, and then the boys would throw them into a spider web with a big spider they found.  They were having a ball!  Connar knew he couldn't touch the spider ("Wook Mommy!  A spider!  Don't touch it!") but loved throwing berries into its web.

Who knew digging in the dirt and throwing berries at a spider web could be so much fun?  :)

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